Saturday, October 1, 2011

DFW 2 NYC 24 Years Ago

Twenty four years ago today, I left Dallas, Texas as a nervous teenager and moved to NYC. In some ways those years have flown by. I use this time each year to reflect on those initial intentions behind the move and where my life ended up. This year, I'm excited to be embarking on a new phase in my life. In two weeks, my debut novel will be officially out and it's been an amazing few months leading up to it.

The baptism by fire into the world of marketing and promotion can be overwhelming for many. (Luckily, I do much marketing in my day job too.) Still: when the 'product' you are selling is yourself; it is completely different. 

I'm going to use this month to not only talk about my own journey and report on how things are going, but put the spotlight on other indie authors who have already walked this walk and interview them in a series throughout the month. Some of those are authors I've read their work. Others are authors I follow on Facebook and twitter (I have not got around to reading all of them), but admire their 'social marketing skills" and wanted to hear from them in more characters than the 140 that twitter allows.

I hope you enjoy learning about what it takes to be an indie author in the always changing world of publishing. I know I'm looking forward to each of their interviews.


  1. Hi Greg! It was terrific meeting you and getting to talk with you today. I look forward to your new book coming out, and will definitely be coming to the book signing at Well Read! From one author to another, I sure hope that you'll check my blog out as well over at

  2. Thanks, Sabrina. I loved talking with you as well! Heading to your blog right now.