Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's the Day of the Show, Ya'll!

Official release day. (Official Press Release)

It's as if I expect everyone to view the day through the same eyes I'm seeing it through (yet I live in reality and I know that is completely nuts). But still...do trumpets blare? Are there skywriters up above telling everyone the day has arrived? Or does the day start as it has every year since 1988 when National Coming Out Day was founded? (Ironically, I came out in the summer of '88 to my family as well.) Does it start with me calling one of my dearest friends who celebrates her birthday and each year we tease her that her birthday is on NCOD?  

I feel as if I've waited for this day to arrive...well...for the past five years when I first started writing this book as a play. It's been out (un-officially) a few weeks and while I've received feedback - it still feels like an opening night of a show I'm directing. That's how I compare it because of my years in theater. Opening that velvet rope to let people into the studio, (to use a reference from my book) but no one gets left out here: all are welcome in! Only this show goes on all day...and then the next and next. This show will continue as people get the book, tell others about it and hopefully start conversations about the issues that are raised in the book.

Thank you to those that use today to buy the book! Thank you to those that have been so supportive of me for so long (and all those new supporters too)! Thank you to those that will spread the word and help me make this book (and this day) a memorable one for years to come.

And to Donna: Happy birthday! Tell your friends (gay and straight) to come out of the closet and purchase WELL WITH MY SOUL.  :-)


  1. Congrats on the big day! See you on the 18th at Well Read :)

  2. Thanks, Sabrina! I'll see you next Tuesday.