Sunday, October 30, 2011

Playing Favorites with Months

October has always been a favorite month of mine...and this year has been no exception. (The past 24 hours where we had a freak snow storm in the northeast excluded.) I think it's that fall is my favorite season and growing up in Texas we would finally get that 'fall' feeling by this month. I love the colors, the smells, and how I generally 'feel'. 

Today I did a reading and signing of my book at a wonderful event with talented singers and musicians where I was able to talk of the influence of music on my writing. It occurred to me while speaking to them that the first musical I ever wrote (28 years ago) was produced in the month of October. (It was a children's Halloween musical after all called Dracula Bites at Dusk.) 

I moved to NYC on October 1st four years after that. 

Five years ago, I left a corporate job (after 13 years) and started a new one in the the month of October. 

I love to travel and every year I love taking trips at this time of the year because the air is more welcoming and a calmness comes over me that I can't quite explain.

This year, it was in this month that my debut novel made it's way into the world when it officially came out on what has now been "Coming Out Day" for the GLBT community since 1988. And this month plays a pivotal role in that very book, Well With My Soul, with many things occurring in this autumn month throughout the 15 years in the life of one of the characters.  

I guess if I had to choose a 'lucky month' - it would certainly be this one. Sorry to see you end, October. You have been very good to me this year.

Do you have a favorite time of year that stands out with significance to you? Leave me a comment about it.

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