Friday, October 21, 2011

The Start of the Ride

Well Read Book Store Hawthorne, NJ
My journey has started down this road of publication and while I'll admit it is as much work as I was warned, I absolutely love what I'm doing. Actually writing the book is such a small fraction of the process. Getting people to read it, talk about it, and pass it on: that's the ride. I've started a blog tour which is a great way to get yourself out there to meet new people across the internet (and probably annoy my friends as well each time I post a new interview). As an author, you want people to get to know you - so I attempt to answer the questions in as best ways as I can (without repeating myself over and over). I am very lucky as an indie author to also be able to go into bookstores and do book signings. I don't take that lightly because I realize just how few authors actually get to experience it. I'm grateful to the stores that are hosting me and so appreciative of the people turning out. 

Saturday I'm attending an all day conference in NYC for small publishers/self publishers: seeing what more I can learn from the other side. I've always been the type to research and learn as much as possible about any project I jump in to and I hope to gain some knowledge from the day. I still have one more week left to run spotlights on my blog of other authors who have made this trip before I did. I've learned so much from interviewing them this month and really appreciate their candid responses. The next two months are pretty full with signings, some radio interviews, and blog tours and as a good friend advised, I need to be sure and enjoy each moment as it's happening. Not simply rush through it.

Thank you to those readers who are reaching out to me to discuss WELL WITH MY SOUL after reading. I'm so happy it is touching people in such a way that they feel the need to talk to me about it. (One particular friend has become obsessed since finishing it and I have loved our talks about it.) 

Please continue to share the word and I hope I don't annoy too much as I share my experience. It's very exciting for a debut novelist to get the opportunity to live this life. And thanks to social media: I can take others along on the ride with me.

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  1. I love that you're on this ride. I hope you'll have a few tips to share with me, if I'm ever so lucky enough to experience it too.