Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Straights Can "Come Out" Too

Tuesday 10.11.11 is National Coming Out Day…but you do not have to be gay to come out. My favorite 14 year old recently joined a gay/straight alliance in her high school. I can’t imagine ever having such a thing when I was in high school in the 80s – but how amazing they have those now.

It is not an easy thing for someone to come out of the closet. (My own personal story was spotlighted in Next Magazine.) I completely understand that. That is part of the reason why I wrote WELL WITH MY SOUL that deals with ‘the closet’ in many ways: sharing the story of two brothers from very different points of view on the subject.

The story deals with pride, religion, addiction - many things that keep a person held away from the rest of the world; locked inside of their own private turmoil.

I hope you will read WELL WITH MY SOUL with an open mind in the same way it was liberating for me to write opposing views from these very different brothers.

If you are not in the NY/NJ/PA area and unable to make an upcoming book signing event – then I ask you to use National Coming Out Day as your day to purchase the book online (print or eBook). Make a statement by buying the book that day! (And you can also help this author make a statement by a surge of book sales on the 1st official day the book ‘comes out’.)

Thank you…and wishing you all find that peace inside yourself that the characters of Jacob and Noah spend the 70s-90s searching for in my book.

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