Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Does It Take Much to Be Nice?

"God Don't Like Ugly!" 

I've always loved when I've heard someone say that to remind people to shape up and be a little nicer. I think we can all use that reminder now and again. I know I go through my 'ugly' phases when everything is bothering me (usually when driving down the road and someone cuts me off). I grew up a fairly religious person and attempt to subscribe to the 'do unto others' motto...not that I'm trying to buy favors from God. Just that I think doing a good deed now and again is a great way to live your life.

What really makes me happy is when something great happens to good people. There are too many examples of bad getting ahead in the world that when a story comes through on the news of the right person winning the lottery - I smile. More importantly, I love when those things happen closer to home. People I know that are amazing at helping others, paying-it-forward, giving back: and then you hear good news from them and I genuinely feel happiness for them. No jealousy of 'why couldn't I get that multi-million book deal' or anything else...glad they have been rewarded in such a way.

The past few days, people have said some amazing sentences to me which truly made me feel humbled, warm, special - and I'm sure it didn't take that much out of them to share a few words.

So I say: take a moment out of your busy day to hold that door an extra moment for the one behind you, let someone get in front of you in your car lane, or just a word of encouragement. Because if you don't wanna think in terms of what God thinks of ugly...there is always another great saying:

"Karma is a bitch."


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  2. Amen, my brotha from anotha motha! I agree completely. This is one reason why I don't understand why "established" indie filmmakers/authors aren't more supportive of each other or want to lend a helping hand to those who are starting out. Don't they remember how difficult it was to get where they are?