Monday, November 21, 2011

Few Tips on Promoting That Book

Authors have a challenge when it comes to getting people interested in their work. It has been said that word-of-mouth sells books (and every author is thrilled when someone recommends their book to a friend), but an author still has to get that 'word' out there. So if you like something you read: tell a few people to give it a try.

Everyone would love to do the traditional book tour, but less and less stores will bring in an author that does not have instant recognition. My book has been out for six weeks and I've loved the small tour I was able to do and appreciate every single indie bookstore that allowed me in to talk about the book. Contact stores directly and offer to promote the event through press releases and social media if they will allow you to do a discussion or signing in their store. You may be surprised by those willing to take a chance on an unknown.

Blog tours have become the new 'black'. Taking to the internet is a great way to put yourself out there in front of strangers who could potentially make a connection to your book. Reviews and interviews on numerous sites gets your name and work in front of many new people. I strongly advise people really do homework before signing with a coordinator for a blog tour. The web is full of people offering this service, but some work harder than others. (My 1st blog tour had me mailing off numerous copies of my book for reviews and yet only one reviewer came through from that tour. Instead it was full of interviews that my coordinator would place all over the web. I'd suggest to cast your net wider by checking that the sites you tour are owned and operated by different people which will insure you hit a varied amount of readers. I obviously didn't do my due diligence and don't believe I got as much bang for my buck had I gone with someone else. Not to say the place I used is not one of the big ones, as it is and I really enjoyed my correspondence with the person who owns it. I think it comes down to the amount of work the coordinator in charge actually does as to how well your tour will go.)  

Book giveaways. So many blogs and other websites such as loves to run a contest to give away a copy of your book. It doesn't cost you as the author much to do it and you can create a buzz around your book. (However, if someone can tell me how to get the 100s of names that signed up for the goodreads or those that have your book marked "To Read" to switch over to "Reading" - please let me know.)

Be prepared to work. And I do mean WORK to get your book known. Follow some other indie authors that you see popping up all over. They are obviously doing something right. Even if you have a publicist and an army of people working with your publisher, in the end - it is still your baby as the author. You need to be that proud parent showing those newborn photos to everyone you meet.


  1. Great information. I'm trying to get into the swing of making contact with places to do signings now. My ebook has been out since August, but the print version was just released this month. Lots of networking to do, I know, and I hope i can make the best of it. Thanks for the good word. ~ Tracy J.

  2. Tracy, I created a type of tear sheet with essential info (and jpgs) and emailed to bookstores. Then followed up with phone calls to local ones. Wishing you all the best with it!