Friday, November 4, 2011

From the Inside Out: The Garrett Brothers

Well With My Soul centers on the turbulent lives of two brothers: Jacob is a liberal gay man and Noah is a southern conservative. It follows them through 15 years of their lives as they make choices trying to find that elusive inner 'peace' that makes all right with the world. They've joined us today for an interview. Take it away Garrett brothers!

Noah: So how long are we going to sit here staring at each other?

Jacob: You tell me. I've got plenty of things I could be doing, but you agreed to this brotherly interview...which really makes no sense to me.

Noah: Well, since we're in my apartment - you think you could put out that cigarette?

Jacob: I knew I should have made you come to the west side instead. Can I at least have a drink while you talk?

Noah: Knock yourself out, older brother.

Jacob: So, come on. I don't have all day. Ask your questions.

Noah: Did you ever think of me and Mama once you left Tennessee and moved to New York?

Jacob: That's a stupid question, Bubba. You think I'm so busy in my career that I don't have time to remember where I came from?

Noah: I thought that was my job to think of the past. You only seem to live in the moment.

Jacob: My moments are pretty damn good and well worth it.

Noah: Question two. Do you like what you do?

Jacob: Are you kidding? I love my life. Who wouldn't want to be me? I travel from New York to London to Paris all within a few days to do amazing photo shoots living the life of a king. Anything I want is at my fingertips with a snap. Anyone...

Noah: Say it. Anyone you want. As if your boyfriend doesn't know.

Jacob: Is this going to become a talk about my being gay? Because if it is, I can leave.

Noah: I didn't question you being gay. It was more about being faithful. 

Jacob: Let me ask a question since you really had no more higher education than I did.

Noah: Let's not have the who is smarter fight again...

Jacob: Question. Are you jealous of me? Huh? Did you hate the relationship I had with Mama? The fact I got away before you did?

Noah: I think we've had enough Garrett family reunion for one night, Jacob. We'll try again next week. Head back to the other side of town and let's put the park back between us.

To learn more about the Garrett brothers, visit ASD Publishing   or Gregory's website


  1. Thanks, Rick! Love to play around with different series on my blog. ;-)

  2. Oh, that didn't go so well, did it? Sounds like the 'chats' I've had with certain of my relations who shall remain anonymous. Thing is, I couldn't help hoping those Garrett guys would get past their impasse -- probably the same kind of feeling that drives me to participate in those conversations I reference above? Guess that old saying about hope springing eternal is accurate? Very interesting post.

  3. Thanks, Jack. Sometimes we do attempt things thinking it will work...and it still doesn't. ;-)