Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Up & Down in One Day

November starts and I find myself bouncing on the bumpy ride of the book marketing train. Authors dream of the day their book is finally published and people can read it. However, then it means 'people can read it'! And it's out of your hands how it is received, what is said, and how well it sells.

The month started off wonderfully for me by being named a finalist in the Fiction: Literary category of  the USA "Best Books 2011" Awards. There are so many awards out there and for indie authors, we all want to be careful to not get pulled into scams. (And as I type that - I know there are those that feel most awards are scams.) For me, it means someone else that you I didn't know went through a list of nominees in each category and chose those to move to the head of the class. And like the little boy who enjoyed sitting next to the teacher's desk and feeling validated in a strange way - I have that sense of approval in a list that includes some major publishers with other indies like myself.

Then today I see my book was reviewed in a gay magazine in a large US city with a few not so favorable words thrown in (not to mention: they told every plot turn of the book). At first, you can't help but feel deflated as you've poured months and years into your work and then someone writes a 15 line synopsis, calls it a review, and gives away the story for free. But learning from some friends who are so awesome at seeing the glass half full - I decide it's best to be talked about than not spoken of at all. I didn't ask for this review: so it means somehow I ended up on this person's radar all those miles away - listed in their magazine and perhaps this particular story will touch a chord in someone that reads that review - and that's still an awesome feeling. (But yes: no link to that magazine as I'm not about to give away the story myself!)

While the analytical side of my brain would love to ponder this wave-like ride, I can't think of it too much as I have to get to the post office to mail off a few copies of the book to judges for another well known award (that they do not allow you to mention the name prior to their event) and I have to record a radio interview with someone in Boston. It is all such an exciting time that you really must allow the highs and lows...or else you go through life on one level and what fun is that? (Next to Normal: I Miss The Mountains)


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