Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What's Most Important

Today is my husband's birthday. He hates his birthday and any reminder of aging. He really hates when I say we're entering midlife in our 40s (telling me that he plans to live past his 80s so this can't be midlife). But I thought it a great day to blog about him.

To anyone on the outside looking in, this has been 'the year of Greg' with so many things happening in my life from weight loss to book publication. And I know it is never easy to be the wind beneath someone's wings. (Unless Bette Midler is singing to you!) But for me, that's what Ant has been. There is absolutely no way I could have accomplished half of what I did this past year without his love and support...and what support it has been!

When we met eleven and a half years ago, he knew I 'dabbled' in acting - but I also had a full time corporate job. Then I started artistically running a theater company...and he was right there as I directed and produced shows (I even got him ON stage) and showing up to functions with the theater. Then I walked away from the corp job to manage an arts center and he said "okay, if it makes you happy." When I decided to really give the writing a try he would proudly tell friends with each short story published and as the novel came out last month - he traveled on my book tour with me - taking photos and showing major support.

Who does all of that?

Someone who is not selfish and is proud of their spouse and encouraging of that person's creative fulfillment. That's who. Someone who understands that relationships go through changes over the years as people can't remain the same two people that entered the relationship all those years ago. Someone who is confident in themselves, their own abilities, assured of who they are, not easily pushed to the background; someone who can be in a room of strangers and talk about anything and make those people feel important in what they are sharing with him. Someone who does amazing work every day as he administers treatments to the sick (all the time with a joke and a smile) and gets constant praise from patients about how wonderful he is or how he has helped a family member with such dignity in his job. Someone who understands it is okay to have separate interests (okay...his is bowling) and that couples do not need to do every single thing together. Someone who surprised a Texan when the Jersey boy gave him a ring and said he thought they should make it as official as the state of Jersey would allow. Someone who understands that marriage takes work, even when life is keeping you so busy from birthday-to-birthday and now and again you have to stop and 'reboot'. Someone who can roll with the punches and jabs that life throws at us and can communicate about what is bothering them before molehills become mountains that can't be climbed. 

Someone like Anthony, that's who.

It's the day before Thanksgiving and I'm so thankful to have this wonderful man as my partner in life and wish him the happiest birthday (even though he hates for you all to know about it)! LaDear.


  1. Anthony is certainly quite a guy! Happy Birthday Anthony! Hope it's a great one. :)

  2. How very sweet! Really puts into perspective what relatioship is all about. Easy to forget that in these crazy times...your anthony sounds alot my keith! We have been together 7 of the hardest things i have had to learn is to accept his love! I ramble....thanks again for sharing. Good to know more of you.