Friday, December 30, 2011

Do you Look Back or Forward?

2011 comes to an end and people always use this time to stop and ponder. I have a tendency to always look forward, but sometimes I think it's important to look back on what you've accomplished or been through the previous year. There were many huge life-changing moments for me in 2011, but I want to look at a few smaller ones as I plan towards 2012.

  1. I've never been an animal person (as I mentioned in a previous blog), but there I was at War Horse getting misty-eyed over a four-legged creature. Then the ASPCA commercials come on and the sad eyes are calling to me. I still don't think it's part of my resolution to run out and rescue a dog, but perhaps I'll be more caring when people speak of their own.
  2. Math has never been my strong suit. As a matter of fact - I hate it. Someday I'll write a book where a character needs to know much about it and can research out the waaa-zooo. But doing year-end accounting on everything surrounding my book has taught me I need to improve in this area. Resolve to start 2012 by keeping better records from the start of the year.
  3. For a planner, I'm shocked to admit there are things I just procrastinate on for one reason or another. I've been with my partner for over 11 years and if I were hit by a bus tomorrow - he'd still have no idea where certain things are located. Must create a spreadsheet for him with accounts/passwords/etc just so he knows all my secrets.
  4. I've often labeled myself as a selfish person (ask my sister: I've said it for years). Yet there are numerous instances of me giving to others that I guess I haven't considered when calling myself out on being selfish. I learned something this year: I'm not good at receiving. I prefer to give. Can I still say I'm selfish? This year I found giving does not always need to have a monetary amount attached to it. Paying-it-forward became a slogan for me as I continue to learn new things in the world of publishing/marketing/etc and I really plan to continue that into 2012. (Oh...and I'll also try to get better when people give to me and not be all weird about it.)
  5. 2011 was a year I discovered a new way at making friends. Social media. Some would say "those are not real people. They are not your friends." But I strongly disagree. I love the friends in my life, but those people on FB & twitter have become so very important to me as well with their encouragement and support. I really hope I can make that kind of difference to 'web strangers' as well as I look towards the new year.
  6. Balance. What a concept that has been in 2011. And one I must work on daily. Life must have it. Relationships need it to grow. And I have to continue to remind myself of it all the time so as not to become consumed by one thing. No promises I will master this in 2012, but will definitely try.

I don't want to create a long list of resolutions that I will simply not be able to get to, so instead I end with this. Be happy in 2012. Be healthy. Do something that makes you feel good. See a movie. Go to live theater. Read a book. Take a walk with a loved one. Live life and as politics and the economy throw curve balls at you, duck and attempt to not stress. We only get one go at this life. Why not enjoy!

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