Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Travel

I just returned from a wonderful Christmas trip in Texas. It was a great visit filled with not only time spent with family and friends, but also a few book signings and speaking engagements thrown in. On this trip, a couple of things came to mind about travels and I just felt the need to share my list. Here they are in no particular order:

  1. What is up with that priority lane when boarding an aircraft? Is that piece of carpet really that wonderful that only first class and certain people can walk on it?
  2. For someone who has never had a love of animals - I found myself really drawn to my sister's small dog on this visit. Teaching this old 'dog' a new love.
  3. Some airports actually still have smoking lounges...and one man that walked out said "there is no need to even smoke in that room; just walk in and breathe." 
  4. People from middle school (yes, that's 30 years ago for myself) truly ROCK and can find you on Facebook and surprise you by attending book signings. So grateful.
  5. For those that say they don't like gays - I think they shouldn't be allowed to ask any male flight attendants on an airplane for anything. (You can deduct my reasoning on this one.)
  6. My body needs a warmer climate. I hated thinking of returning to a Jersey winter after spending a week in Texas.
  7. I have an amazing family and so many of them showed up at the library to listen to me talk for 45 minutes. Who would do that? (Thank you, family!)
  8. Free WiFi on when flying usually has fine print somewhere. In this case, 30 minutes meant all together - even if you logged off.
  9. Face time with your mother never seems to be enough time. So much going on during this trip, we didn't get our one-on-one. We'll hook up next in 5 months on a beach and we WILL get some alone time!
  10. I hope that everyone reading my blog enjoyed their holidays as much as I did. Cheers to the new year ahead!


  1. I spent my sunny holidays in New Jersey - one day and night each in South, Middle and North Jersey ... while it snowed in parts of Texas (spent time with seniors so I watched the weather channel).

  2. I heard it was a warm week in Jersey, Gary. (So not fair...I wanted it to be really cold while I was away.) :-) But we're getting it tonight as it drops in temp. Glad you enjoyed your Jersey Holidays!