Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Home Stretch

As we head into the final week of voting for the MeeGenuis Author Challenge, many things come to mind: 

  1. How amazing people have been - both friends and strangers - in becoming a huge, much-needed part of #TeamChickenBoy.
  2. How wonderful it has been for my friend Donna as Gabe's classmates and other parents rallied around this book about autism in a way we never saw coming. His school and the people in Nutley are excited to know Radcliffe Elementary would benefit from a library of books (not to mention just how pleased they are over a book based on Gabe potentially being published).
  3. How healthy competition can be a good thing (even when we sometimes question how others jump 400 votes over only makes you work harder).
  4. How ironic it was that when Donna and Gabe read the story, the one word he faltered on was 'autism'.
  5. How much I've enjoyed thinking about my roots of writing for children.
  6. How exciting it has been for Natalie as a 14 year old to know about her part in putting this story together and to watch her working online, sharing the link with others so they can vote.
  7. How I've always thought of autism because of my godson, but never really 'thought' about making others aware. We go out in public and I see how people react to him - but I've never really considered what part each person can play in teaching awareness to others to not be fearful of an outburst. The noises made. The flapping of arms. There is nothing to be scared of with these precious children. 
  8. How much I'd love to see this book published so that all those people that have written such moving comments on the wall get a chance to read it and share it with others.
Thank you, all, for voting for this book. I can't say thank you enough. And please continue to share it with others this last week of voting! 

As Chicken Boy says "Bahcaaaaah!" 

One of my first children's musicals

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