Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is Diversity Still Good?

Diversity is a really great thing.

It fills my writing. It encompasses my group of friends. I love that people have different opinions about different subjects - when they can talk rationally about it and not get into finger pointing.

But sometimes, it is hard. Hard to keep your mouth closed (even when you may go against the grain of popular opinion). Those that follow this blog know I write about numerous topics and sometimes have a different take on something. Lately, I find myself feeling that way over some videos hitting the news.

I'm Christian, but I have friends of all different faiths. Rick Perry's new video truly riled me up, but not for the reason people assume. Yes, he blatantly called out gays in the military in his new 'strong' video, but it was what he wasn't saying that got to me. I think it takes a certain kind of person that can lead a varied group of people; no matter what their beliefs may be. This man doesn't appear to be "For the People, by the people" - but instead "for the people who believe as I believe and celebrate the same religion that I do." (Again, notice I said I'm Christian...what he proclaims to be as well.) This video feels so obviously slanted towards Christians only and leaves out any other religion in this country (that he wants to preside over). That truly makes me nervous when a president would not be able to separate their religious beliefs from the way they would govern.   

On the flip side of the aisle is another video that really got to me. The one with Michelle Bachmann and the little boy. (Over 3 million hits on youtube) So many people rallied and lifted this boy up as some sort of gay activist and I've stayed quiet and not commented on the numerous posts I've seen on Facebook and the web. I saw him as a child that did not want to speak up and was pushed into speaking by his mother. Do I agree with the message? Absolutely. Do I agree with the way it was delivered? Not at all. 

Diversity means being able to say the unpopular thing even in the middle of our own community, political party or religion. And just as people that agree with these videos have rights to speak out, so do those that find fault in them. It's what has always made our country such a great place to live. But the more diverse we become as a nation, the more it feels as if the threads are being pulled out of old glory until nothing will be left.

Diversity is a great thing.

If people know how to coexist among that diversity.


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