Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movies Bring Back The Past

Last night I finally got around to seeing the movie Super 8 that so many people have talked about...and I'm so glad that I stayed up to watch it. Not only was I reminded of the great Spielberg movies  (ET, Close Encounters, Goonies) that I loved as a kid (obviously nodded towards with this film) - but I also thought the look of the film mixed with the acting of (especially) the two lead kids was wonderful! (And a great score used at the end!)

I was also taken back to my own childhood. There are many movies out there that capture the joy of being a tween, but this one hit it for me. That feeling of young blooming love. The unwavering friendships you create where you'll do anything for them. And in this case - a gang of creative kids making a movie! Completely made me think of directing the neighborhood kids in my own backyard plays. Early in the movie, the dad says he doesn't want his son wasting his summer doing 'the movie' with his friends. That line hit me and made me be so thankful for my parents. Not once growing up did they ever stifle any creativity I had. I was so lucky to be brought up how I was with parents who believed I could do anything! I thank my mom (and dad in heaven) for bringing me up the way they did. I know that had everything to do with me going for all that I do as an adult with such gusto. 

And for those friends I had as a kid? Many of them are still part of my life thanks to the internet and Facebook and are still doing things for each other even as adults. And that 'young blooming love' ... she's still in my life too and we travel with our spouses all over the world having adventures as adults that we could only dream of as a kid. 

Now how is that for 'super'??


  1. I've been meaning to see "Super 8" but haven't yet. Gonna have to get to work on that! :)

  2. I had to wait for it to come out on-demand to finally see it, but worth the wait!