Sunday, December 18, 2011

Thankful Can't Begin to Explain the Feeling

In some ways, the past three weeks have been a blur and in others the most amazingly bright spot of my whole year in writing. To those that know I had a book released this year will find that statement hard to believe...and it is very difficult for a writer to chose between his children - but something truly wonderful has happened with Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism that I never dreamed of happening.

This book is not even published and I have more people requesting it than have read my debut novel. The simplicity of the storytelling has touched so many. The need to share it with others to give a small insight into their own loved one with autism. The desire from people to get the book 'now' so they can begin to use it in classes. It has moved me beyond words.

I'm not sure MeeGenius knew what they had created when they envisioned this challenge. I'm sure to them it was a fun way to get people involved in choosing a children's book, but for me - it was an eye opener about the need of those very types of books for autism awareness. My own eyes have been opened in such a different way and no matter what happens going forward in this competition: I know this book must get into the hands of children across the country.

And I have so many people to thank. I've been calling them #TeamChickenBoy and they are a huge group of people that I wish I could thank each by name. I know there are so many that have created their own chain of the "telephone game" in getting others to vote for the story. Others have posted on every single autism/bullying/children's facebook page and forum you can think of. And still others have tweeted and reached far and wide to get this book seen all around the world (and I know that is true from where the comments have come from on the bottom page of the story). I can't tell you how grateful I am to each of you. I am so aware that it takes an army for any kind of success and from the bottom of my heart - I give thanks. And what success it has been! You all helped us climb that leader board until Chicken Boy took on a life of it's own - over 1900 votes in just three weeks!!

Though I have a background in children's theater I wasn't planning on writing a children's book at this point in my career. Natalie and I were just telling a story about her little brother. But the book was written, submitted to a few publishers and then I was told about this challenge...and off it went!

So on this final day of voting - I thank each and every one of you! Major players in the first round of this challenge. Major support in my life. And collectively, we ARE #TeamChickenBoy!



  1. Thanks to you, Greg for opening my eyes about autism by sharing stories of your Red Velvet Cake dinner nights with your godson, Gabe. It is a pleasure and an honor to be a member of #TeamChickenBoy!

    Bahcaaaah, back!

  2. What a wonderful thing to say! I'm so happy with every single person on our team! Thank YOU!

  3. Congratulations on being ranked #1 in the contest. I loved the story. I am a fellow contestant (#16), and I voted for you.

    I, too, offered gratitude on my blog for the support I got for my story. I think you're right in that this became far more than a simple contest. It turned out to be one of the best writing experiences I had all year. Very special!

    Now it's fingernail-biting time (at least for me!). Good luck to you, and I hope I see you in the next round!

  4. Julie - so sorry I didn't respond sooner as I went out of town for the holidays and never checked here. Thank you so much for the comment (and the vote). It truly was an incredible experience and now we all wait to see what happens next with it...but I know whatever it is, I want to get this book out there to those looking to read it. I wish you all the best with your book as well!