Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Identity Crisis

Do you ever notice those people in your life that you can't quite figure what image they are trying to portray? Don't get me wrong. We all change personas based on who we are with - but those that are trapped in 'college time' (where one is supposed to decide who they are going to be)? Fighting in themselves to create an identity. I see it around us - on television, in the news. Famous people that lose weight but have been known for being big have to completely switch gears. Now their platform is all about weight loss (and I worry for when they gain it back, because this big guy knows it always comes back). Certain TV stations that can't seem to find their identity about who they want to be. Their programming is all over the place and they seem to have issues with finding an audience.

I was recently talking to a writer about how authors need to create an identity when they 'find their voice'. Fiction or non-fiction: they still have that which makes them who they are on the page. It took me a while (and sometimes I still don't see my own), but I can see it in others and people have pointed it out to me. Writers have to decide if they want to be sarcastic, informative, witty, care-free...you can see it in many blogs. (Think of some of your favorites now and you'll notice what pulls you in.) That voice that creates an engaging identity and demands you read them!

I marvel at those who have an "I don't give a flip" attitude and can say whatever they want. (A certain friend of mine can do it in her facebook updates and I literally L.O.L.) I tend to teeter on the edge in my writing. Naturally, writing fiction - my characters can speak however they feel - but Greg has to be sure and get his own voice heard when blogging, writing articles, narrative, etc.

So many people give advice on writing and how to handle themselves. I just give opinion. And that is: decide how you want others to perceive you and work towards enhancing that identity to work fully in your favor. 

You'll be happier not having to be Jekyll and Hyde.  

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