Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stop Before Out of Control

I'm returning to the title of this blog. 

Fat man attempting to shed pounds. Like so many others who use the first week in January to 'make a change' - I've decided it was time before I got to the size I was before. Last spring I started NutriSystem and was pleased with the results. 
2011         -        2010
Though I had always said I lost 45 pounds (and at one point, I had) I actually crunched the numbers and found I lived around a 40 pound drop for most of the summer and into fall. And then fall meant book touring (which was eating and drinking in different towns) and all those holidays and 'poof' - ten pounds came back. So now as what I had dubbed my "skinny pants" (yes, in my world they were) are starting to pinch, I knew it was time. I refuse to pull out the fat pants: instead I placed my order last week and the box of packaged food arrived on my porch on Friday.

Instead of looking at the negative of putting pounds back on, I can still say I'm down 30 pounds from where I was at this point last year. But now, I'd love to join Janet Jackson and drop another 30 this year (before I arrive in Punta Cana for my sister's destination wedding in June). I think I can do it! 

Jan 2012
The first week is always the hardest. My body wants to scream at me and cry out "WHY"??? It was used to eating what and when it wanted. And now, it's learning to be regimented again with small (tasty) meals. But there is a cost that comes with it. Your body says "oh yeah? take this!" And it acts out with headaches, dizziness and a multitude of other things I won't go in to. But at least I know, after the first few days - my body and I will once again remember what it was like and know we can survive on less food.

So here we go. It still ain't over 'til this fat guy is skinny...and he's got a nice bumpy road to head down now.



  1. I have faith in you that you can do this!

  2. Welcome back on track, Gregory! Way to really make an effort to put your health and well-being first!

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