Thursday, February 9, 2012

Breaking Down a Contest

It's happening again.

That overwhelming feeling of gratitude I have from working on the MeeGenius Author Challenge. Complete strangers writing to me about the book. Going to pages of people I don't know on Facebook and seeing my link. A friend on twitter telling me a friend of theirs with an autistic child posted my link on Facebook and told her friends to vote. And my OWN friends working tirelessly for me to help spread the word. 

Yes. Overwhelming and gracious are the words that come to mind.

I've always known I was competitive when I play games - but this doesn't feel like competition. It feels like it is a part of me that I'm meant to do in order to make more people aware of autism. Perhaps it's because of the subject matter that I feel so impassioned about it. I also feel such a camaraderie with certain other authors in the competition. I've read the books. Some of us have reached out to each other with support - even sharing ideas. (I know, I can't help it: it's part of my paying-it-forward mantra that I can't get away from.) But I know how important it is for each of them the same as it is for me. You read the back stories on these authors and it touches me. Tanya and her adoption of her child. Kelly raising her daughter to be sufficient to say "I can do it" even when we fall. Jennifer wanting so badly to be a children's author and can see this chance before us all...because we've gotten so far from the original 400 names in the contest.

Yes - gratitude doesn't begin to explain how I feel. And lucky to be in the company of these other people. And understanding of how much we all want to see our 'little book' succeed.

So with a week and a half left to go - I continue to wish them all well. I continue to be thankful for the support of so many people voting. I continue to ask everyone I pass "Have you voted for the children's book on autism through the perspective of that child?"


  1. Hi Gregory, you have been extremely helpful and supportive in this competition. I'm happy for all your overwhelming support you are receiving. Thanks you for being so gracious with your advice. I wish you much success.

    1. My fellow "Joisey" writer! Thank you so much! It really has been a great challenge and as tired as we get (or our friends get from us asking for them to vote) - I'm so glad I did it and got to meet some wonderful people!