Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chicken Boy: The Final Round

Gabe in his
"Bahcaaaaaah" shirt!
Four months ago I set off on a new path that I could never have grasped where it would take me. Submitting a children’s book about my godson with autism to the MeeGeniusAuthor Challenge started a whirlwind of excitement for me like I’ve never experienced. By the end of November, voting began with 400 manuscripts submitted and naturally I assumed the odds were against me.
I’m so pleased to say not only did we get over 2,000 votes (the most of any during December) – but the comments received by voters were amazing! I was overwhelmed by the joy it brought to me as it came to a close, and NOW - our book has been professionally edited. (It was wonderful to work with the editor – moving pages around, tightening the story.) It was illustrated by the amazing Dennis Culver which was a thrill to see the descriptions I had written down in the fall as a story board come to life on the page from his head. AND – it is one of 14 books remaining in the final round of voting!! (Yes…it seems to be Greg & the gals in this round as I’m the last guy standing.) And can we mention how smart MeeGenius is…hence their name…to make the super hero boy a little older so the book can be enjoyed by children of many ages and not just kindergarten?
So this is my plea to please help us make autism awareness in children’s books a reality and get this book published by MeeGenius. Click HERE to vote.

One minute to read the book, vote and share the link with friends…that’s all I’m asking for.

I’m aware that some people were confused in the fall during round one and thought that was all we had to do. I apologize for the confusion. That was to get the 400 manuscripts down to the final 14. The previous year's competition seemed to have judges in the finals round and we were not certain if the public would be voting or not this year. So here are few points to share:
1)      Voting for the finals last until February 21…we need people voting and sharing every day so we can climb up that Rankings list and get those votes!
2)     This is an eBook company. This is NOT to get the book in print (though trust me, if we win this competition we will do everything in our power to get the book in print as well so people can hold it in their hands)!
3)     The winning book not only gets published (and the author gets an advance) – but a school gets a library of eBooks. In this case, it’s Gabe’s school in Nutley, NJ. Radcliffe Elementary.
So I will try not to be a pest the next 20 days – but I really want to see this book get as many votes as possible. (Who am I kidding: we want to see it get MORE than it did before!) 

Thank you for your support. For all of you being a part of  #TeamChickenBoy and for going on this journey with me! It's the final stretch and we can do it!


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