Monday, February 13, 2012

Friends That Tell The Stories of Our Lives

4th Wall Theatre's THE STORY OF MY LIFE
Photo by: Tom Schopper
This past weekend I had the privilege of seeing an amazing production of a musical that had a very short life on Broadway. Luckily for audiences, it finds a home in regional theaters across the country and 4th Wall Theatre in NJ presented it for a one weekend run. The Story of My Life by Brian Hill & Neil Bartram is about friendship. The two person musical has one man thinking about the eulogy he is to give for his friend since childhood and starts an onset of memories of the two of them. The two actors were absolutely believable as lifelong friends. Jim Stanek who understudied Malcolm Gets on Broadway in the show and has toured the country doing it brought such beautiful 'life' to Alvin, while Matt Burns (who I've had the pleasure of both performing with and directing) movingly played the accomplished writer who was up to 'write' his biggest story yet in remembrance of his best friend.

The show touched me in so many ways. Yes, one of the guys was an author which I related to. But it also got me thinking about other areas of my life. What we're all here for. The purpose of 'it all'. Those people who have inspired me, lifted me up, encouraged me and who share history with me that others can't always understand. We all have many friends that come in and out of our lives, but think of those that have known you the longest - those you can recall playing childhood games with - that have seen you grow and change; and still love you (because of and in spite of those changes). That person who has been there through it all and can help recall the stories of your life like no one else can. When the character of Thomas sings of the butterfly, one can't help but think of the person that has told you "you can do it...go, fly...go for it!" 

Me & my BFF: Senior Prom '87
I met such a person when I moved from a small town to a large suburb of Dallas when I was in the 5th grade. She lived just blocks away. She read my first stories that I had ever written (and I, hers). We sang in the choir together and did plays in middle school. We attended dances, football games and major events all through high school. She was the person I turned to with so much personal information and the one I was told would not stay in my life after we went our separate ways to college. Thirty-two years after meeting her - she is still my dearest friend, the keeper of my stories, and the person I love to see the Jordan River or St. Catherine's Palace when we travel the globe with our significant others. I'm lucky to have the girl in the little blue dress still in my life and it's moments after seeing shows like The Story of My Life that I realize just how precious those friendships are.

Reach out to your best friend. Let them know how you feel. Life is too short and we never know when it will all be but a memory.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the show. We're doing it locally and a friend is hoping to get cast. I wish I could sing. I'd love to do this show.