Friday, March 16, 2012

People on the Road

Thank you to those that got involved in my Patchwork of Me giveaway! 

I have to say that I was really impressed with the road trip stories that people shared on my Facebook page and blog. All of you wrote wonderful stories and I couldn't chose. So I turned to other judges to make the call. (And I must say: many of you were complimented as having written full out short stories as if being published in a magazine. Kudos to you!)

The copy of PATCHWORK OF ME goes to Amy Dewey for her raw, honest, simple telling of a poignant road trip in her life. (Amy - please email me greg at ggallen . net with your address.)

Thank you all for sharing! But also...don't forget is giving away three copies in their giveaway going until April 1st. So enter that giveaway as well for another chance to win an early copy.

I'm really excited about the new book coming out in just one month! Patchwork of Me is about family: the family we create from those closest to us - not always those in which we were born. I look forward to hearing people's thoughts after they read the book! To see how this 'family of friends' affect readers.

Check out a few early reviews and get ready to pre-order online soon!

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