Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Random Thoughts This Week

I haven’t been great about blogging lately, but some things have come up over the past few weeks that have made me go “hmmmmmmm” – so just thought I’d share.

1)      It must be hard to be a conservative in the arts – especially in Hollywood. I am first to admit I’m pretty darn liberal, but why shouldn't people be able to speak their mind? The truth is - that's how they feel even if they speak up or not. I’m sure we all know people that feel a certain way about a big topic in the news…a way that may be contrary to us. Look at social media. Ever get into it with someone on FB? And have you worked with that person in what you felt was a ‘liberal setting’ in life? That’s why I sort of feel for those Hollywood types who can’t seem to speak out without getting attacked.

2)      How do people feel about those that see an opportunity & run with it? Now, there are times that good can come out of that and I feel one should seize the moment and go for it. But recently there was a certain person who seemed to take advantage of being at a certain place surrounding a very high profile person. The demise of one seemed to elevate this person. To me, that’s not using an opportunity for good.

3)      I’m getting closer to 9,000 tweets since joining twitter last year and thinking about what I’ve learned. I love the information I find on twitter and love to re-tweet and share. There are amazing people in this world that can be so supportive, it’s mind boggling. There are also those that use every opportunity they can to make every piece of social media (blogging, social sites) point back to selling their product or themselves. It’s a really tough line, but when you find your ‘tribe’ that has your back: it’s a great thing. Oh…and also, every time I hear the word “tribe” used on the internet – I always think of HAIR: THE MUSICAL.

4)      I found I had to re-read my patience blog as some recent events are making me feel impatient again. Doing some nice breathing exercises to calm down. Must remind myself: nothing I can do about it.


  1. Random blogs, my friend, are sometimes exactly what we need. We think we're talking nonsense, but suddenly something profound comes out of our fingers and onto the keyboard. I think being conservative in the arts would be very difficult. I know of a few. Patricia Heaton, of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and now "The Middle," is a very right wing Christian. She has spoken out about how difficult it is for her given her line of work and the people she works with. Sometimes I'm ashamed of myself because I enjoy her new show, and her acting, but I'll feel disdain towards her because I know that she feels people like me will burn in hell. Kelsey Grammar is another one. But he's just a douche, conservative or not. :) *wink*

    1. Sean, it was Patricia & Kirk and those that got me thinking about it. Thanks for adding your thoughts to this as well. We all have our opinions on things and they are in a very 'liberal field' attempting to share their views. Difficult.