Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sofa Saga

Have you ever had an ongoing issue that you just wish would go away? Last April, it was time to buy a new sofa and a well known company was giving proceeds of sales to autism for National Autism Month. So we jumped on it thinking "this is awesome!" 

And then it all went downhill.

Almost two months to get it delivered. Then the throw pillows were completely wrong (as we had specifically asked for different material on those). And then we noticed the sofa cushions were not holding up. (Granted: we live on that thing every night...but come on - it should hold up better than that!) So a 'technician' was sent out (like some sofa surgeon) who said "Yes...this needs new cushions," and reported back to the store with his 'expert opinion'.

While waiting for months for our sagging sofa to be fixed, the correct throw pillows arrived in the store (but we had to go get those ourselves). Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Holidays flying by like it was nothing. (Calling the store hoping someone would understand the sadness of the situation and grant me a reprieve like Bob Cratchit as we continued to wait.)

So finally they send out someone in early January (7 months after the first delivery when we noticed it wasn't holding up) and we're so happy to get new, plump cushions for our tired butts....and they show up -  with one cushion for the chaise end of the sofa. Seriously. The delivery guys tell us "the paper says you were to get all new cushions, but this is all they sent." They replace it (which it doesn't want to they shove it into the fabric sleeve, take photos...I take photos..."everyone smile for the worst furniture store board" - and I even take a photo of the sheet we signed stating what all was missing).

At this point in January, I'm tired of dealing with the store. So I call corporate and become best friends with a woman who is set on helping me. She asks everything that happened with the delivery men (who wouldn't even leave me the old cushion so I could cut it up and create better padding on the ones not replaced). She has me send her my photo spread of what all I've taken and she places a new order for the cushions.

I'm finally told last week they will be delivered today. (Cheers from all.) I stay home and wait. The man comes in a regular van and pulls out my cushions. (Wait!!! Where are the 3 for the back of the sofa you may ask: not here.) He starts to remove the sleeve on the chaise to change that cushion once again only to find that the previous men broke off the zipper and now he can't replace it. More calls back to the main store. Excuses of how he is a 3rd party tech who knows how to place foam into fabric sleeves and the previous men didn't know what they were doing. He changes the other two, leaves me a plain cushion for the chaise and has me sign his invoice. I ask for a copy.

"We don't give copies."
"Fine. I have a camera. I'll take a photo."
"I need to check that with the main office."
Phone call made.
"I can't allow you to take a photo of the paper."

Seriously??? I can't take a photo as a receipt of what he wrote down as I did with the delivery men previously? 

Out comes a hand waiting for a tip: my tip - don't work for such a bad company who continues to offer sagging sofas to customers!

At this point, I just want to burn the couch and start over. Is that so wrong?


  1. I say burn, baby, burn! You've got the patience of a saint, my friend.

    Do you think you'll keep going with this or just give up at this point? I mean, even if you gave up some major $$ for this sofa, I don't know if I'd have it in me to continue the fight (or, for that matter, if there's any further you CAN go by this point).

    1. Hahaha!! Completely agree. At some point, you'll see a bonfire over on my street! :-)

  2. Can you say the name of the store to warn people ("Caveat sofa"), or is that not cool?

  3. Replies
    1. Sometimes - we just need to blog about other things in life. hahaha

  4. Oy! Three words: "The People's Court!" ;)