Sunday, March 4, 2012

Words That Scream for Connection

I met writer/poet Travis Laurence Naught last summer because of that superhighway we call the internet. Now, several months later - he has a book coming out on Tuesday published by ASD Publishing. Travis is an incredible writer that uses poetry and prose to share his strong, brutally honest and sometimes titillating views on the world. He calls some of his work "NC-17" based on the sexual frustrations he has from being in a wheelchair for all of his life. Hence the title of his book The Virgin Journals.

Travis has been writing as long as he can remember, but credits his fascination with Jim Morrison and Jack Kerouac as to why he turned to poetry. And poetry has truly worked for him by his standings in certain contests, open mike nights he has attended, and poetry of his one can find by doing a simple google search.  His love of basketball is also quite evident after working with the team at Eastern Washington University where he graduated with a degree in Psychology.  

His honesty is not only found in his writing. Travis lives in that honesty with his disability every day and sometimes can throw people off in the way he responds to them. He knows there is no hiding or denying the fact he is in a wheelchair. After all, he was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy as an infant - so he sets people at ease with a simple turn of a phrase - phrases people will be able to find in his book.

The Virgin Journals is an exploration of one man's struggle to deal with not feeling 'alone' (though Travis admits to hardly ever being alone as he lives with his parents). But as a twenty eight year old man, he longs for a different kind of connection - that of love. So he has broken up the book into three sections of Life, Love and World. Each carrying profound views that I personally think readers will react strongly to.

I highly recommend connecting with this incredible man via his Facebook page or twitter. Words can build small bridges between us even when so many miles can seperate. I know it's worked for me being in New Jersey and Travis being across the country in Washington. I'm glad the internet connected me once again to a stranger I'd otherwise have never known.

The Virgin Journals is available on, or indie bookstores with an official launch date of this Tuesday, March 6. 

Knock em' dead, Travis!

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