Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Last week I celebrated my birthday and I'm feeling the calendar flipping by. I turned the age my father was when I moved to NYC. That alone seems so odd. But there are times, I don't feel any older at all. I've lived up north now for almost 25 years and at times...I think it was just yesterday when I arrived.

Greg & Stephen...after all these years
But today I got to experience something that definitely took me back. My good friend and former musical theatre writing partner Stephen Kitsakos had me go to his university in NY where he is a theater professor. Stephen and I go back to 1994 where we met in the BMI Musical Theater Workshop and worked on numerous projects together for years. Now as a professor, he had mock auditions with his students where I watched them sing and then gave them instant feedback on their performances. What a talented bunch of kids he has! It really was my pleasure to be involved in such a great day.

But here is where the age comes in. I swear I can recall my going through that like it was yesterday. I was attending all those NY auditions and being told "NEXT" and sometimes getting the job. But now, I'm the older one sitting there on the other side of the table and sharing words of wisdom with such eager and enthusiastic ears...one can see why people love to teach. I work on a college campus - but I'm not directly involved with students in a setting like this. With those that love theater in the way I did when I moved from Texas to NYC. You can see the hunger in their eyes and the desire to make it in the business. The joy of studying what they love and I found myself grinning ear to ear remembering that feeling and secretly reliving it again.

I may be older and I may have a few tidbits to share...but I still love that youthful feeling one gets when they do what they love. Stephen is a wonderful professor and I'm thrilled he gets to live his life in such a creative way. I'm just as happy that my road has turned through the years, yet allowed me to stay creative as well.

And even if the clock says I'm getting older...it's awesome to capture that feeling of youth by being around those who are just starting down their trek. What a great feeling for this guy who looks in the mirror and sees his dad staring back. That same dad who drove him to the airport at 18 to fly off and start his own journey.

What a great one it's been, Dad.


  1. I could feel the enthusiasm in your writing of this post, and I understand about how you feel seeing these kids. Everyone's life is a journey, and it's exciting to see people just starting off on theirs because you wonder where it will take them.

    See you on Saturday at Well Read!

    1. Thanks, Sabrina. It was a really great day and I do get enthusiastic when I enjoy something.

      Glad you're coming Saturday! Spread the word.