Monday, April 16, 2012

Do You Take Time to Enjoy the Moment?

When in Rome...

or this case, Sedona. A place known for its vortexes and spirituality - I knew I wanted to 'give in' and make this trip part of that. I'm always good at pampering myself with a massage or spa visit on vacations, but this time I enjoyed something a little more.

We all love validation in one way or another. So on my actual birthday, I visited two psychics who used different techniques to get to the same conclusion. Without me sharing anything...but said I was in the right place with my writing and in my life. Both pointed out the stamina I had to stick with things and the focus and goal oriented way in which I lead my life. (All of which...I knew, but at least they didn't tell me to drop the pen and run as fast as possible away from sharing my stories.) One interesting tidbit was being told I could not be placed in a box. (Anyone that reads my books can attest to that.)

Today, it was visiting the vortexes. Discovering what it was I wished to work on, let go of, etc. For's the anxiety I tend to keep inside that will manifest as stress. And in more ways than the one the past two days...this beautiful land keeps telling me to relax and stop running towards the next thing constantly: enjoy what I'm doing at the time.

So here at the start of my vacation, I wanted to share that little bit of information with those that read this. So many people I know get caught up in planning and setting goals. Always remember to stop and enjoy the ride as well. (Something I'm really working on doing with each milestone I hit in this new career of mine.)

Relax. Breathe. Rejueinate.

I think I could get used to this place.

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