Sunday, April 1, 2012

Promoting Awareness

Awareness for autism continues to grow. Perhaps it's because it is in the news more. Perhaps it is because it seems to touch more people in some way due to the rising rate of diagnosis. Or maybe it's due to the APA discussing the change in the definition surrounding it.

Whatever the reason, I'm glad there is a month to keep it in the forefront of people's minds. The more people are aware, the more people will understand. Realizing there are people in the world who go through life in a different way does not make them any more or less of a productive person. 

Here are some ways suggest to show your support:

  • Light your house or workplace blue on 2nd April – Or better yet for the month of April! 
  • Wear blue on the day and ask your friends / colleagues to make a donation to an autism charity
  • Organise a ‘blue’ fundraiser at your school: blue cake stall, wearing blue to school, or even asking your school to be lit blue in April
  • Purchase World Autism Awareness Day merchandise and wear it or display it proudly all month! (Google for your favorite site and decide who you want to donate towards in buying merchandise.)
  • Tell all your friends and family about World Autism Awareness Day and why it is important to you!
  • Promote ‘Light it up blue’ campaign on your Facebook and Twitter pages and update them regularly on what’s happening

Whatever you do, it is appreciated by those that deal with autism on a daily basis. One thing I've learned is that everyone is different. How one family is affected by autism may be completely different from another. Two children that are on the spectrum can be completely different. And one way of thinking does not work for all. I'm very careful to state that as I promote my children's book on autism that was published by MeeGenius this past month. My story was based on my godson: one person's story. By no means do I even attempt to speak for an entire group of people. But I'm thrilled that this month (Wed, April 11th actually) MeeGenius will be going to my godson's school and giving them an entire library of their eBooks. Part of what came out of me winning the contest through them. That is one small way we will be promoting awareness this month!

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