Monday, April 9, 2012

What Makes Someone Take Off?

Have you ever wondered what it is that gives someone that 'it' factor? Why fame and fortune follow some while others continue to work hard, but we don't always know about them? Of course some has to do with timing, luck, right place at right time (amazing publicist), but it still makes you wonder.

Here are a few examples that have been on my mind.


Fifty Shades of Grey goes from self-published book to multi-million dollar movie deal. 
The Shack was being sold out of the back of the authors car when it because a best seller.
Amanda Hocking was throwing digital books up online just as quickly as many others...but somehow she was the one that made it onto the lips of everyone in the country.
Of course I could list so many indie books I know that those reading this have never heard of, yet they are brilliantly  written books.


List any A-list star and for each of them, there is a D-list one that you may not know...but are still busy working in the business constantly.
Just look at this list of top ten male action stars. I bet many do not know Jason Statham, yet he works all the time (as the lead in films), but hasn't become a household name like the others.
For every Meryl Streep (and let's face it...there is but one) - we have numerous actresses who go from movie to movie, but never get that breakout role...or they work all the time, but don't become a household name (Robin Tunney).


Something like The View will take off and then we get The Chew, The Talk, The Revolution and I bet you can't list the panel on each of those shows.
Reality TV 'stars' (I use that word loosely) have figured out to take must be the nasty person on the show.
Being a huge character in a hit show can work against you and sometimes you can never work again. You're forever known as that one character.
Many former stars have figured out ways to re-invent their careers is to go on a 'celebrity' reality show.

I guess there is no set answer on what makes someone shoot into the mainstream and causes many to know their name. But the next time you're flipping channels and notice some movie with a lead you've never heard of: google their name. You might just be surprised to know that person has been working in their particular business for years. 


  1. Wonderful post, insightful. Great question, too. I do agree, there is no set answer. But it doesn't hurt considering the question, every now and then at least, to keep us on track. I love it that your post poses questions, questions that help us reinvent ourselves, too, even if (maybe) on a smaller scale.

    Thought provoking writing, as only you can write :-)

    1. Thanks, Alina. Sometimes these things just pop in my mind. I recently saw Jason Statham on TV and thought "why hasn't that man become a huge name?" - yet works all the time! You and I know so many people that are constantly 'working' in their field, but perhaps hasn't received that huge break. :-)