Sunday, May 6, 2012

Does Mother's Day Only Need to be One Day?

Me & Mom: Cruise 2011
One week from today is Mother's Day. People will be sending cards and flowers that day to the women in their lives that serve as 'mom'. It's great to give them that day each year...but I also believe one day isn't enough. I'm so many miles away from my mom which sometimes can make it very difficult. It's been almost 25 years since I moved away, but that doesn't make the distance easier. So we speak on the phone all the time. We keep up via Facebook. (And yes, I found out my mother actually stalks me on twitter too.) ;-)

My mother is more than just the woman who gave birth to me and raised me. She is the woman who instilled in me my creative voice. My need to tell stories. To sing and perform on stage. To chase my dreams. It was all because she made me believe "I could do it". She made it clear that I should always go for it.

And everyone says a mother never stops being a mom...which I see is true. She still worries about me and my sister and brother and what is happening in our lives. Wanting each of our relationships to be strong. That we make good career choices. That we are happy and healthy and get 'the best'.

I've always thought my mama was an amazingly strong woman, but recently it came to mind just how strong. Not just for her kids...but for those around her. She's always been 'the ear' family and friends go to for advice or for a talk. People usually want her with them when they are going through medical issues because they know she will Google everything the doctor says and research-research-research  (I must get that last trait from her). My father had heart disease for a good ten years before it took his life and Mama had notebooks full of notes from doctors. 

I thought of these strength the other night as she was delivered some news that could make others crumble...but she went right into 'attack' mode: researching, planning, and showing how she can take a diagnosis and be the one in control instead of sitting and allowing things to happen to her.

This strength is nothing new. She didn't have the easiest life when she married my father and the two had to blend families. I chronicled that time in my book PROUD PANTS. Originally, the book was called A MOTHER'S LOVE when I wrote it as a short story...and I've always said it's sort of a love letter to my mom. It grew to the length of a novella and I love that some of my new followers on several social media sites are still finding that eBook. (If you want to try out my writing style...give that one a try and learn a little about my mom!)

So yes, it's a week away from Mother's Day...but there is no need to wait to tell that person you love them. To pick up the phone throughout the week and make a call to hear how her day has gone. To surprise her by declaring that love before she gets a card on 'that one day' the calendar dictates. 

I certainly love mine and I'm so happy she passed so many of her awesome traits on to me. Thanks, mom!