Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Dry Well

Do you ever feel like the well has run dry in your life? 

Maybe it's coming off of a three day weekend where I allowed my brain to shut down and not be a slave to social media and lists. Maybe it's due to being in the middle of a blog tour and I've been writing several guests posts for other sites (which is so wonderful to get to share your thoughts on someone else's blog). Or because I've been preparing for my mini book tour/road trip at the end of June to Maine. But I looked at my blog today and thought "I have nothing to write about."

These things can certainly happen and I think it happens to us all. That 'end of school year' feeling when you didn't want to do any more work because summer was coming. Plus we got hit with a heat/humidity wave in the Northeast that sort of sucked the life out of all things creative in my brain. Sitting in an air-conditioned room was all I could do.

When my well runs dry: I re-group. I stop and think of the exciting things I have going on in my life and what is coming up. (That's the planner in me. And I saw a report the other day that the anticipation of something is many times just as exciting as the actual event.) I'm really excited about some projects on the horizon as well as a few summer trips I have planned (starting with next week when I get to be with my family in Punta Cana to celebrate my sister's upcoming marriage in a beach ceremony). 

For now, I continue to plowing along and I know my creative juices will return - at some point.

So if your well dries up...don't fret. The rain will come again and fill it up with the greatly needed sustenance to get you back on track.


  1. I hear you. Been there myself--but it is okay to give yourself a break. While it would be nice to have wonderful thoughts 24/7, sometimes better to wait for inspiration to strike. Might fly in the face of some writing teachers, but I don't believe in writing every day. Only when inspiration hits!

    1. I tend to agree, Kergan. I know some teachers say to 'write every day' - but I tend to wait until the moment is right. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've finally learned to trust my gut when it comes to my writing; I never thought it was okay to let myself take a break between articles OR that it was okay not to have a "perfect" article. But after many a panicked phone call to a pal who talked me down out of my funk, I've realized that if my heart is telling me that the article I'm writing is finished, then it's finished - don't try to do anything else to it. And if my heart is telling me to take a day or two off to relax before starting that next article, that's okay too. And by listening to my gut, my writing is much better and I'm much more relaxed.

  3. Great advice, Greg! Also, quite a few tips to keep in mind from Kergan and Sabrina. I agree and thanks for sharing!

    I don't write every day, either. What helps me is having regular deadlines. Can't live with them. Yet can't live without them. They force me to write...

    Yet, I fret over being too slow when it comes to writing. It takes me forever to sketch out an article in my mind, or come up with the first paragraph, etc. I find blogging quite helpful, like a warm-up exercise for my writing.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    1. I love hearing different people's ways of handing their 'writing lives'. Thanks, Alina.