Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Power of a Word

I spend my life in words. 

Not large or fancy ones. Words people say and think. Stringing  them together to make them  accessible. Words can make us feel. Can be a call to arms. Can test us on what we know. And there is awesome power in words. The speech of our  president. The valedictorian's address at a graduation. The legacy left by someone that is passed through generations.

But I'm amazed how one word can change the course of your life. Can alter what you know. Can shake you to the core. 

Marriage. Divorce. Cancer. AIDS. Autism. MS. War. 

All of a sudden, what you thought you knew is tested. You learn what strength is. You view it all in a different way. 

There is awesome power in words. 

Find other word that challenge those single words and allow you to take back that power. 

I spend my life in words. 

Sometimes they can make your heart hurt. 
Sometimes they can heal. 


  1. Beautiful I think is a powerful word :)

    1. That is a wonderful word, Anna. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I blogged about words earlier in one of my posts and how powerful they are even unintentionally. They are more powerful than we think.

    Great post, Greg!