Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Am I Losing My Pride?

Someone may take away my card because I hadn't even realized gay pride weekend was upon us? I've been caught up in blog tours, marketing, work, end of school year, family trips...well LIFE.

But is that such a bad thing? I mean, after all - isn't the point that we can be proud of who we are every day? If anyone followed me around with a video camera, they would see my life was no different from that of my straight counterparts. I wake (in a grumpy mood), shower, have breakfast and go to work. I go through my day the same as anyone else. After work is usually deciding what is for dinner and then sharing how the day went with my partner of 12 years each night. Sitting on the couch and watching TV and no signs saying "look at this gay couple". 

I think the U.S.A. is in the middle of a huge movement and shift of how people feel about gay rights/gay pride. I know we still have a long road ahead of us, but I'm proud of each accomplishment (large and small) that happens. I'm not ashamed of who I am nor do I ask for anything special in life. (I ask for the same rights, but nothing special.) 

So even when I may not have time to join the parades and marches this weekend, I'm still very proud of how far we have come as a society. Of the love and support I get from my family and friends. And of my relationship that has seen its share of ups and downs (like every other couple I know out there.)

So am I losing my pride?

I don't think so. I'm just not saving it up for once a year. I'm simply living my life. Perhaps some might say I'm like the president: my views are simply evolving.


  1. I feel the same way. My being gay is only one part of me and it's not the most interesting part.

    1. And you are proud of ALL of you, Rick! (as you should be!)

  2. I feel much like I do about Black History month ... I don't have to be proud of who I am just because of one month dedicated to celebrate different parts of me. I'm proud of and celebrate who I am all year 'round. =0)

  3. I agree with you wholeheartedly! I just live my life as who I am and no particular part of me stands out (except maybe when I'm in the classroom and then I'm sort of forced out of the teacher closet.) But, that being said, I look at the Pride celebrations and History Months more as a way to look back and see where we've come from to be where we are now and remember those who were not as fortunate as we are today.