Friday, June 15, 2012

The Maine Event

Greg & Donna: Summer stock '89

No...Barbara Streisand and Ryan O'Neal are not taking to a ring this time, but I'm taking to the road with my friend Donna like the characters in Patchwork and sharing my books with people in vacationland. For those that have followed my blog all through my own journey of chicken boy...they know how that book is based on my godson. Well, Donna is his mom. And the two of us met doing summer stock in Maine in the summer of '89. (She actually picked me up in NYC having never met and the two of us made the 7-8 hour car trip and quickly had to get to know each other.) So I'm really excited she can join me and assist me on this mini-book tour weekend.

I also just love that state and how relaxing it can make you feel in summer. Obviously, we are going to 'work' - but book tours are less about work and more about meeting new people. Patchwork of Me has strong ties to that state as Sara travels from Arizona to Maine to confront her past. And I can't go anywhere now without sharing my children's book on autism awareness. So I'm eager to sign copies of both.

I really want to thank those Maine bloggers and websites (MomInMaine, Drawing Roads, Rocky Coast News, SpinsterJaneChristie's Book Reviews) that have helped spread the word about me and these two award-winning books prior to my arriving there. (Just goes to show how wonderful Mainers can be!)

I'm also so appreciative of Connie at Bath Book Shop, Belinda at the Freeport Library, and Crystal and all those at Tugboat and her sister Inns for hosting me at the start of the 50th Annual Windjammer Days Festival in the town the book is set. 

Can't wait to visit each of those places!

So if you are around the following towns...stop by!

Sat, June 23 Bath Book Shop 11 am-1 pm Bath, ME
Sun, June 24 Tugboat Inn 12-1:30 pm Boothbay Harbor, ME
Mon, June 25 Freeport Community Library 7-8:30 pm Freeport, ME 


  1. Hi Greg, we've been in Boothbay since last Wed. - a one-week stop on our RV road trip. We used to live here -over in EBB for 7 years, and I've been coming to Boothbay since I was a kid. Was sitting at Ocean Pt. reading the Register and saw your picture and the ad for the siging at the Tugboat. Hope you have a wonderful turnout, wish I could come but we'll be on our way to Nova Scotia by then. We've had the MOST glorious week of good weather I can ever remember here - hope it holds for you.

    1. What a small world it is!! It would have been great to have seen you there. (Nova Scotia is so beautiful as well.) I see rain in forecast for Friday, but hopefully that will blow on out. NIce to hear the marketing/promotion is paying off! :-) Enjoy your road trip!