Monday, June 11, 2012

Patchwork is Grabbing Attention

I am so happy to report that Patchwork of Me has been named the winner in General Fiction for the 2012 NY Book Festival. I’m so honored to be recognized in this way and wish I could join them at the ceremony on Friday the 22nd (but I’ll be away on a mini book tour of the book).

As I watched the Tony awards, I thought what it must feel like for those people walking up on that stage. It really is an awesome and humbling thing to win or place in a contest and I do not take that lightly at all. It is a sort of validation that all authors (and performers) love to get. But truly for me…the importance is placed on having people read my work. And being part of a contest or festival means other people who may not have seen my work will get that chance to see it.

The first people that always read your work are family and friends and they are so amazingly supportive. That first book comes out and they jump at the chance to support their friend in a new endeavor. Then an author goes through a period of “now what?” Wondering how we can get our work into the hands of strangers….reaching a new audience.

That’s why I’m thankful for each response I get to my work. I’m very proud of my latest book and have taken to a two month blog tour to get myself out in front of others that do not know me. It’s just one more book among the masses. My Orangeberry Book Tour has really assisted in allowing me to guest post other places and talk about the book, the way in which I write, or other topics. And then going to places to sign copies and discuss my work face-to-face. Can’t replace that feeling!

So check out where I’ll be on my blog tour…drop me a note when you read something or better yet – share your review online. Authors love to see a new review pop up on Amazon, BN and Goodreads.

And thanks to those who are enjoying Sara’s road trip of self discovery in Patchwork. I’m very proud of the work and love that I’ve been able to cross into a different genre and find new readers there!


  1. I am very very very proud of you, Greg. (Jeez, I sound like a mom.) But really, kudos, congrats, yay! I'm so happy for you!

    1. You can be a mom any time to me! :-) Thanks so much!

  2. Congrats!!! Well deserved! Patchwork is a fantastic read, grabbing, touching, funny, entertaining... and I can go on.

    Enjoy the blog tour :-)