Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Chicken Boy Ends Summer and Goes to School

What does August mean for you? Summer coming to an end so grab those final beach days? Get that 'back to school' shopping done in the hopes it will get your kids out of the door even more quickly if you have purchased all necessary school items? 

I think it depends on what our calendar is. Many people have this internal 'new calendar starts in September' feel that was banged in our heads since we were in school ourselves. I personally will be taking to the beach for some needed rest for one of those weeks, but still have much going on.

For me, August is the time to get Chicken Boy back in the attention of others.

  • This week is the national conference for the autism conference in San Diego and while I couldn't get out there, I did purchase an ad in their program to introduce our superhero to the conference attendees. 

  • I'm taking the young boy on a mini book tour marathon in August with Orangeberry Summer Splash (100 authors hitting 500 blogs) with the hopes more people can find out about autism awareness through this picture book.

  • I will be at a local bookstore with Chicken Boy in early September and I'm reaching out to schools in NJ that had wanted me to visit them this past June (and I wasn't able to as summer came upon us quickly).

  • But I do hope other schools in NJ/NY area will want to host me at their school to talk about autism and the book. It is something I greatly enjoy doing and so please don't hesitate to reach out to me!

And lastly...I've recently had to re-do my website (new domain and all) due to some hosting issues so check it out and let me know what you think!

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