Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How Would The Word Inoperable Change You?

Sometimes facing death can force new life into us in a way we never even imagined. Recently I have been tweeting and sharing on my Facebook page about an author's poetry book on Amazon. I spoke in vague terms as I shared why he suddenly put it out as I did not want to say too much. But that author has had a change of heart and decided we could tell his story (and I for one am so glad that he did). I truly think that people connect to the truth that others share. They see themselves in those stories. And many times can find inspiration in learning from others.

Empty Of Me by Jon Order

Jon Order was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor on June 1, 2012. He has embraced this sudden change in his life wholeheartedly and with an amazing sense of purpose, clarity and humor. And, despite the whirlwind of preparations and myriad of "things" he needs to put in order, Jon has remarkably created this manuscript of selected poems written over the past several decades. Be it the loss of lovers and friends, a mother declining, thoughts on religion or simple amazement at the power of Nature, his poetry reflects his awareness of the daily presence of death, risk, and inevitable decline even as his life has been enriched.


This touched me on a few different levels. I met Jon Order via social media last year. The man was so incredibly supportive of everything I did. Buying my books. Tweeting about my accomplishments. Encouraging me on my journey. I've never met him face to face. We have that relationship that many have now - virtual. But it is still very real and when I received the email from him about his brain tumor, my heart ached for him and his family. It also hit me because just a month prior, my own mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer and was going through her surgery (and starts her radiation treatments shortly). I realize everyone's journey with cancer is very different. And words like 'inoperable' can change the entire way you view life. I for one am proud of Jon's accomplishment of getting this book out. Not only because I love what the words are saying and how they speak to me, but because of the message he is sharing that one should never give up on a dream. No matter the time you may think you have. Check it out for yourself. See how this poet's words speak to you. You'll be so glad you did.

We live on borrowed time
No one can be sure when the loan will finally come due
But I'm loving all of mine, I know what time is for,
I've borrowed it so I can spend it all right here with you.


  1. Exceptional post, Greg!!!

    I just finished Jon Order's poetry book last night and I agree with you completely. Empty of Me offers us a chance to take a good look within ourselves, and also at the world around us, and see it with fresh eyes.

    Jon Order's poetry has that effect on readers. And if readers think they've heard that before... I'd say, just pick up the book and discover for yourselves. You'll be amazed.

    1. Thanks for sharing here, Alina. It really is a wonderful book.

  2. Jon Order lost his battle on September 4, 2012 - but leaves behind a legacy of his work in these pages, amazing memories held by family and friends, and numerous lives that he has touched. R.I.P.