Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Obsession With The Olympics

It's that year again...it happens every four (well, two if you also enjoy winter) where for some odd reason: I turn into a sports person. I'm not 'that' guy so why my addiction to the Olympics when they air? Why do I sit through hours of watching people work their hardest to fulfill a dream and achieve a goal?

That is the answer for me.

It is the blood, sweat and tears they have put into it for years to get to this point. And for the most part, I enjoy what I'm watching. (Some events more than others if I'm to be completely honest.) Yes I cheer for my country, but I also cheer for others. The spirit of the games is alive and well in my house and I simply can't get enough when they are on. I hate that media has to ruin it for us by telling us the outcome before we get a chance to watch the broadcast during the evening. I annoy my personal friends on Facebook as I post excessively about it. And I cheer for the underdog. I applaud the winner. And yes, I get wrapped up in the stories when someone proposes to their girlfriend and then they go on to win the gold medal as she watches. My throat gets a lump in it and I become the sap because I'm happy when people accomplish what they've set out to do.

So that's the answer. That's why I tweet and post and annoy people with what I'm watching.

I love to see someone succeed.

Now excuse me while I run to check what's on the other channels that are airing Olympics during the day.

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