Monday, August 20, 2012

End of Summer Vacation

As my vacation came to an end over the weekend, I look back and think of how important these moments are where we stop and regroup. Sure, I did some work while I was on Cape Cod. I tweeted, I checked on book sales, I answered emails from my day job...but I also relaxed. And finding those moments in life are very important. Even if it's a 'stay-cation' - people should take a moment and breathe now and again.
Sagamore Bridge

I've been traveling to Cape Cod for years, though I haven't gone back to Provincetown in a while. But a few years ago, I wrote this poem and it still holds true.


The drive must include
Music to make the trip
Feel like a vacation has begun.
New York City looms in the background
As smaller towns
Melt one into another.
ABBA blares from the CD player
To make 95 North
Bearable through
Connecticut’s stop and go.
Entering Rhode Island and the body reacts
As if a boulder has been removed
From the small of my back.
The sign says Cape Cod to the right
And a smile falls across my face.
The windows are rolled down
As I start to smell the air
That says "welcome & relax."
The traffic sometimes intensifies
Upon the approach
To the Sagamore bridge,
But once I cross it,
My whole body releases,
My mind feels fresh
And I have found
A moment to breathe.

Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, MA


  1. Awesome poem - especially the part about ABBA :)

    You're right, though, it's important to take a breath and relax and regroup, even if you're on a staycation. I need something myself! ;)

  2. Oh, I like their music, too... and love your poem and post. Thanks for sharing! Also, I've been to Cape Code and P-town quite a few years back. Loved it :-)

  3. I like that people get that same feeling from vacations....especially the Cape!