Friday, August 31, 2012

More Writing/Social Media Observations

Every once in a while, I like to do a blog on my observations about social media or being a writer in today's highly-populated writing pool. Being a published author is work. If people tell you otherwise, don't believe them. I have four books out there and juggling the promotion of each and attempting to meet new people....WOW! Not that it isn't GOOD work. No one said work is always bad. If we didn't like what we were doing; why do it?

So here are a few things I've noticed (in no particular order):

1) People want to see the real you. 
  • Get involved in conversations on twitter and social media that do not end in "buy my book". (Yes, I'm guilty of sometimes over posting about my books.) But make connections and in turn, you might just sell books.
2) Work with other authors to do review exchanges. 
  • But find those books that match your sensibilities and the two books compliment each other. Then you'll take the time needed to give it the correct due. So chose your authors carefully. Otherwise, your bank account will go down more and more and your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads will sit in the same numbers.
3) Don't spend all your earnings on other books. 
  • A tough one. I can't tell you how many books I've purchased the past year of indie authors as I've met them online and hoped they may repay the favor and read/review my own. A few authors have done just that. But many others have not. (And I do stress the many.) Oh sure, they thanked me for buying their book. They tweeted my review. But they tend to forget I am an author also with a book wanting that review as well.
4) Virtual friends can become real friends. 
  • Yes there are real people on the other side of that computer and sometimes you look forward to checking in with them and their lives even though they are not in the 'real world' of your friends. But they are real people (well, some of them). I've actually had the pleasure of meeting some of my 'virtual friends' and creating a bond outside of the internet.
5) Balance your time.
  • Social media can suck you in! Heck, the internet can suck you in! Checking your rankings on every single site, seeing how much dang KLOUT you have - tweeting and facebooking all the time. Don't forget those real people in your lives. Spouses. Family. Friends. 
6) We are who we are no matter where that may be.
  • This may sound strange, but I have a certain 'role' I take on in life. I'm the peacemaker. A caretaker. I want to see to it that my family and friends are all 'ok' and I spend much time listening to or counseling those I love about their lives. Well, I noticed I sometimes take on that role in 'virtual world' too. I've's just who I am. I can't help it. When people have a question or problem, I'm there with an ear. (Or a finger to type as if it were an ear.)
7) Stop looking at top selling Indie Authors.
  • You do yourself a disservice to compare yourself to those at the top of the indie heap. Rest assure there are many more authors out there that are thrilled when they see 'one' book sell in a day (even though we'll never see authors admitting to average sales: whatever 'average' may be). Think of how many authors are vying for attention. Don't stress the sales. Just write because you love to do it!


  1. Always insightful and helpful! Thank you for these words!

  2. Thanks for another wonderful post! Witty, informative and I agree, "insightful." Lots to learn from it.

    Enjoy your Labor Day weekend :-)