Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Preaching to the Choir

Isn't it easy to talk to someone who agrees with you? You both sit there nodding at each other and the entire time together is spent in perfect harmony.

That's how I feel about the political conventions the US is now in the midst of with the RNC and DNC. They stand in a huge room and speak to the people who have tasted the same Kool-aid they so love and everyone sings kumbaya. Only a crazy amount of money is spent by the two parties. Money to throw these huge events. Money that could be used in so many other ways in this economy that both preach to be full of problems.

Why even have these conventions? You're not getting other people to change their opinion of you or what they think? Especially when divisive phrases are used like "WE do X while THEY do Y". How can you bridge a gap by always shouting "we" "they"? It only creates more animosity and causes people/friends to squabble among their own groups.

I know I'll never see it, but I wish the entire thing could be revamped so that we didn't have to think in terms of political parties. So that the words 'conservative' and 'liberal' were not bad things to say (or feel). But who am I to sit and dream of that type of government? Just one small person with a voice that will never be heard.

How can anyone expect to be heard over the crazies that attend these conventions. And I'm not taking political sides on that one. Some of the people are worse than any football fan that gets to attend the Superbowl. 

We will continue to hear the shouting and raving about their stance on something as they speak it loudly to those that already believe. And some of us will continue to count down the day until the election day has passed and then the country can get back to attempting to run as one unit and not always as two opposing sides.   

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