Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feed Your Soul for FREE

Many authors have blogged and spoken of the Amazon KDP Select Program and a few months ago, I added my first novel WELL WITH MY SOUL to check it out. Part of being in that program means one can offer their book for free promotions periodically. Well...this Thursday-Saturday (Sept 20-22, 2012) I will be doing just that. 

The book came out a year ago at the end of this month and will occasionally still get a new reader now and again. But I'd love to have it read by many, many more. The book is controversial in subject matter. It has pushed buttons with people. And it is not for everyone. But by offering it for free during this period, perhaps it will resonate with someone in a way I could never imagine. 

A family drama of two brothers. One gay and one straight. Told during the late 70s through early 90s. And goes deep into the question of 'can someone pray away the gay'? Can they change and become straight? And how do choices we make affect those closest to us?

The Book was a Finalist in the Literary Fiction category of USA Best Book Award 2011. It was nominated for Lambda Literary Award for Debut Novel and short-listed as a Finalist for GLBTQ category for the Indie Lit Awards. I was so proud of each of those, but also greatly touched by reviews and emails I'd receive after someone read the book.

I write about adversity and diversity. It is what I love to do. Not in one particular genre. But just telling people's stories...whatever that may be. And just perhaps by offering this one as free, someone will want to pick up another Gregory G. Allen book and check it out too!

So please help me spread the word. Get those downloads going on Thursday!

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