Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Return to Friends

A year ago I made my first appearance on national radio with Larry Flick and Keith Price of the Morning Jolt on Sirius Radio. Actually a year ago to this same Thursday (on Oct 27 last year). I recall the fear and excitement. Since then, I spend every morning listening to the two, tweet with them, have called in on occasion - a regular listener.

This morning I returned to the show to talk about my latest books and what has happened with me as a writer over the year and it was like visiting old friends. They are both such amazingly warm men who put guests at ease. We discussed my books Patchwork of Me and Chicken Boy. We talked about indie artists and the difference from traditionally published authors. And I was honest about reading reviews and how the entire process can make me feel.

Larry Flick
One thing I didn't discuss was the lows that sometimes come when you are busy promoting a book. You want so badly to get back to writing something new, but social media beckons and you are attempting to sell what you already have out there. All so important to connect with those wonderful people taking the time to read your work.

I've been in one of the lulls lately questioning every decision I make and I have to say: today rejuvenated me again. Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone that you haven't spoken to in a while. In this case, Larry interviews so many people daily. From the famous to those like me (that no one knows). But to hear his words of encouragement and that someone 'gets' what I attempt to do by sharing stories of adversity and diversity really helps. It makes me believe my work has a purpose...for each of those readers that find it and are moved by my stories. And that can mean more than the multi-million dollar deal from some big publisher. (Not that I'd turn that down or if any film studio out there wants to turn my book into a film.)

With Keith Price
Yup - I'm feeling good again. And it comes at a great time as November has me busy speaking on my writing. I'm talking to college classes, elementary school classes - audiences that will be very different and it's always best to be in a great mental place when you decide to go out and share your work.

If you want to hear the interview, it's posted on the homepage of my website.

Thanks to a couple of radio friends for the 'therapy' session today! ;-)

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