Thursday, October 18, 2012

Caught in A Lie

I'm constantly amazed by people who believe they can say and do whatever they want and will not get caught. It really must take a 'huge set' for people to think they are above it all and can do it. But why wouldn't they? The media loves controversy and scandal so they play into it. But either watching presidential debates or what Lance Armstrong is going through, there is always plenty of examples where someone thinks they can say anything they want and the truth will not come out.

The fact is: the truth usually comes out. Some people capitalize on that 'truth' and write a tell all book or create a purse line (am I showing my age with that reference), but they grab that 15 minutes of fame while they can. Is there a difference in degrees in lies? You want to get out of doing something so you make up something else you have to do. You really want to get a job so you change your resume to suit the needs of  that job. You take enhancements to to have the stamina to get through the Olympics. You go under cover pretending to be something your not all with the hopes of writing a Pulitzer Prize winning expose. Or you want to lead a country and will say anything to get those votes.

It seems we live in a world where consequence doesn't seem to matter. Where people do whatever they can to get ahead. Perhaps I'm just feeling a little discouraged today by too many things I'm reading about in the media and will have a better outlook tomorrow - but for today, the deceit in the news is troubling me.

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