Thursday, October 11, 2012

Come Out! Come Out!

It was a year ago today that I introduced some special people in my life. Brothers Noah and Jacob - as different as they are, I care about them both. The steadfast Gary who could push Tammy Wynette over and sing "stand by your man". The New York clan of Pamela, Jeffrey, Samantha, Rachel and all the others. Okay, so these are characters in my book, but for an author our characters are living, breathing people. 

It was around this time I was celebrating the launch of the book at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. Choosing National Coming Out Day to launch the book because of the themes of the story. Nervously waiting for what people would think of this highly-charged book.

A year later, I am still so proud of it. Of the feedback I receive (both good and bad). How after a year, it continues to touch people and I still hear from new readers how it affects them. That is part of the joy of being an indie writer. That my book can stay out there long after being pulled from the store shelves. People can still find it and enjoy it as if finding something new.

Sure, I made some mistakes along the way. I'm not certain if I gave away enough of the themes of the book to get people involved in it. I wanted the book out on this important day where gays and lesbians can stand up and be proud of who they are because a character in my book had such a tough time doing that. The book may be set in the late 70s-early 90s and we may have not heard the term "pray away the gay" at that point...but it was there. And people were doing it.

I say stand tall and be proud. I wish all in the LGBT community a very happy National Coming Out Day. And if you want to read a little history on what this community was like several years back - grab a copy of WELL WITH MY SOUL. To be able to say that all is well, that is the ultimate! 

Book Trailer for WELL WITH MY SOUL

2011 Book Release Party at Stonewall Inn

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