Monday, October 1, 2012

Looking At A 25 Year Anniversary

Always the goof-ball - at Statue of Liberty

I can't believe it has been 25 years since I moved north from Texas. That number seems so large to that 18 year old boy with dreams of making it on Broadway. 

Don't all the movies say New York is the place of dreams? Well I had plenty of them. Then I became that jaded person who only saw the things I didn't accomplish. 

But just recently my life coach (ok, my dearest friend) pointed out things I have done during that time and I have to admit - she is right. Not to turn this blog into a 'toot my horn' - but sometimes it is good to take stock of what we have done.

I was a working actor for many years...and during that time, I would do pretty much ANYTHING.

Professor Gangreen in Killer Tomatoes  /Yes-singing in a mall   / Don't even ask
I climbed the corporate ladder in a self taught field until I finally walked away from the money to go back into the arts and have managed an arts center for the past 6 years.

Stalking stars like Bernadette Peters after "Into The Woods"

I've had musicals I've written produced on stage. Short stories and four books published. And have won awards for several of those. Each one of those accomplishments made me feel so blessed. 

I've contributed articles to several online sites, interviewed people, been interviewed, touched lives through my writing and have received wonderful reviews of my work. The feedback received from people can't be stressed enough as it is so amazing to know someone sits in their own corner reading your words and are moved by them. I simply can't describe that feeling that overcomes me from hearing from those people.

I also found my way back to the stage in 2000 and once again discovered my love of performing and directing.

A New Brain
Forever Plaid

And even though I haven't been on stage in four years, I open in a show again this coming weekend. 

The past 12 years, I've had a partner who has supported me through so much of that list. And I know without that support, I couldn't have accomplished half of it. He is the true accomplishment of the past 25 years and I know just how lucky I am. (Now if only someday we can actually be married.)

No. I never ended up on Broadway, but sometimes dreams change. And that is not a bad thing. If life didn't take us down a different road, we'd never get a chance to see something new. I've had a great 25 years and I know I wouldn't change any of it.


  1. Wow what an amazing and inspiring story. As an aspiring writer who didn't really get started on that dream until I was about forty years old this post really helped and encouraged me. Thanks for sharing your story openly and honestly Gregory. I happened to see you on my twitter feed and clicked on the link. Boy am I glad I did. Best of luck and thanks for being an continual lifelong dreamer and doer.
    Jim aka @thejimparker

    1. Jim - thanks so much for your comment. I've tried to blog in the past about switching careers later in life and 'taking chances'. But I'm so bad at stopping to look at what I've done. I'm truly thankful to those that remind me all the time that we should measure accomplishments in smaller ways at times. It makes it all less intimidating. (Gonna go look you up on twitter now!) ;-)

  2. Wonderful blog, Gregory. And such an inspiring story. You're building an impressive legacy--one you can take pride in every single day. Congratulations!