Sunday, November 18, 2012

Has The Internet Ruined Everything?

Everyone is a critic.

Yes. People always had opinions, but now these opinions become 'law' to many once they are in print. Blogs (like this), social media, forums - all give people platforms to pontificate as much as they would like.

There are websites where people with like minds can come together and see who is more clever than the next in how they rip something apart. A new movie that numerous creative minds have spent years bringing to the public. A book where readers can announce every spoiler that an author painstakingly thought out to make their story different. Or live theater which so many believe is a dying art.

I'm actually shocked at times when I read theater forums that one would believe is a place for those that love theater to come together and share stories. Instead - they become a place where snarky people can't wait to tear down the latest Broadway show. Original shows (especially musicals) are hard to get produced. Jukebox musicals get put up much more quickly as a way to string together the hits of a particular artist or era. But for writers and producers to take the time to mount a new show takes years. I'm always dumbfounded how those that profess to love the art form can't wait to rip apart something new. 

New York has been busy lately with new shows emerging to lackluster reviews and some closing quickly while others have producers behind it attempting to keep them going. Yes, reviews from actual reviewers will always carry a certain amount of weight, but for those that merely troll theater forums in order to show everyone how witty they are in their thoughts on a show...I say they need to put that wit to paper and write their own show.

And oh yes - be prepared for the next 'theater queen' to knock it down as soon as it is mounted.

(BTW - no: I have no new show being mounted now. Just returned from a trip visiting family and went out online to catch up on NY shows from the past week and saw some pretty nasty forum threads.)


  1. It is amazing how people can be so quick to tear something apart when it comes to the arts. I do book reviews for various websites and blogs, and even if I wasn't particularly fond of the book I read, I always try to focus on something positive about that work - because although I am not ashamed to say I didn't love the book, I don't want my review to come across as if the author is a terrible writer and no one should ever read their works. Just like they say that one man's junk is another man's treasure, just because I didn't like something doesn't mean that no one else WILL. So I always try to keep a positive vibe with my reviews no matter what I thought.

    1. Such a great outlook, Sabrina...and a wonderful way to review. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It seems to me that people, in general, are always looking for the negative. I do believe there are those who do look for the positive, but I think life's stresses and our individual problems push us into negative arenas where we get stuck. And then it's harder to turn ourselves around.

    Just my opinion. :)

    1. So true, Jeff. Sometimes hard to get out of that 'negative space.'