Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Brother is Proud

Last year I did an entire blog series on people taking chances in life; changing careers, following dreams. There has been someone in my life that I've always looked up to and admired and that is my sister. She has amazed me in all that she has done as an adult. An incredible mother. An awesome teacher. She can decorate and plan a party like no one’s business. And has a gift for singing that (I’m biased), but I think can’t be matched.

We always shared the love of music growing up. She was considered “the country” one in the family and I was “the Broadway” singer. Sure, she did musicals in high school and I even popped out a country tune my senior year to enter a singing contest – but we both knew our strength and 
weaknesses. And we would rely on each other. I moved off to NYC and would spend many nights on the phone sharing stories of my life as an actor and I watched her world as a singer take off. She became vocally stronger as she would sing with bands, released a CD, opened for Restless Heart…I was so proud of her!

Angie as a "Dinette"
And then this year, she did something that I couldn't believe. She auditioned for a musical! Yes, we all knew she could sing it (it’s a country-themed show) – but she had forgotten all the underlying elements of putting up a show. Rehearsals. Dancing. Memorizing lines. Tech rehearsals. Writing down your blocking in the script. Things I just take as normal as theater has always been my life. But ‘living’ this with her 1500 miles apart the past few weeks has been wonderful for me. I've talked to her on her drive home (most nights) and have been so impressed with how she has tackled this new challenge.

It’s never too late in life to try something new. We should all remember that. Tonight, my sister opens in Pump Boys & Dinettes in Dallas, Texas and I’m sending so much good thoughts her way. Only wish I could be there in the audience to enjoy it.

Stephanie Riggs & Angie McWhirter as "Dinettes"

Break a leg, sis!

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