Monday, December 17, 2012

When Good Shows Shift Courses

Sunday night, two of my favorite television shows came to an end for the season. While I wanted to distract myself from the non-stop media coverage of the horrific events in Connecticut - these shows didn't actually do much in the way of calming my brain.

Still, I couldn't help but look at both of these shows as an author. When I work on a novel, I spend so much time with an editor telling me what chapters do not push the story along. Are my characters being developed? Are choices they make later in the book something that makes sense? Those types of issues.

After watching Dexter and Homeland on Showtime, I usually visit different forums to read comments people are saying about the ending and how they felt. In the case of Dexter, it has been on for so many seasons that viewers start to feel they know the characters as well as the writers do. We believe we know what they people would do and when something really major happens that we may not agree with, we sometimes start to think the writers are simply looking for a shock to our systems. After all: this show is about a serial killer so we've become numb to that after all these seasons. So instead they try and top it and I found myself truly upset by the outcome thinking it was so far fetched, I almost wished the series would have ended Sunday night and not gone for another season.

Homeland was only ending their second season and was the hot ticket on television last year. This year however, we had so many subplots that didn't seem to go anywhere. By seasons end - the writers have decided this odd romance is more important than the thriller they were originally writing. The character they had created for Claire Danes has evaporated this year (which should get some feminist up in arms), yet I'm not ready to give up on this show as I really do enjoy it. However, in the wake of 9/11 - I think the writers owe it to their viewers to do a little more homework on what is plausible in their story lines.

But what do I know? I'm just an indie writer attempting to tell my own stories and there are those that love my work and others that hate it. So I suppose in the end, everyone sitting on the internet today is considered a critic in one way or another as we're all going to share our views.

If you are a fan of these shows, be sure and share your views too.

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