Thursday, January 24, 2013

And The Award Goes To...

It's that time of the year when creative types are deep into awards season. Hollywood is showering accolades onto the biggest and brightest movies. The music industry will be handing out trophies next month to those that are declared the best in their fields. Everyone will say they do it for the love, but secretly...they all enjoy winning those awards. People want to be appreciated for what they do; no matter what field they strive.

But for each major movie you've seen or song you've heard on the radio, there are countless others out there working at their craft simply because they love it. Musicians playing gigs in bars to a few people who hear their original songs. Filmmakers creating indie films because they have a story that must be told. Writers placing books on Smashwords and Amazon because they have a story dying to get out of them and they just hope to find an audience willing to take a chance on a 'no-name' author.

I am all about seeing the great blockbuster film. But I will also take in a small indie film and (at times) be completely blown away by what I've seen. I love that people need to be creative with or without the fame and fortune that comes to a select few. During this awards season...I tip my hat to the indies out there. 

Check out a few links of indie movies, musicians and authors below. (No, I don't even know all of these people...have just run across them online, social media, or heard of them somehow.)

Filmmaker Zeke Zelker's "In Search Of"

Musician Tess Henley

Author Terri Giuliano Long

Musician Chris Huff

Filmmaker Gregg Watt

Author Jack A. Urquhart

Musician Crystal Yates

Filmmaker Alison Bagnall

Musician Joshua Micah

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